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Laurence Sisson

We present below works by Laurence Sisson, recently exhibited in the gallery.
These paintings are current inventory.

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Painting Title Medium Size Price
Baroque Wave Baroque Wave watercolor 29x21 $4,000
Breaking Surf, Boothbay Breaking Surf, Boothbay oil 24x36 $11,000
Carson's Tidepool Carson's Tidepool oil 12x16 $2,500
Cloud Happening Cloud Happening watercolor 21x29 $4,000
Flight of Fancy Flight of Fancy watercolor 21.5x29.5 $4,800
Friendly Regatta Friendly Regatta watercolor 21x29 $4,000
Gerion By The Sea Gerion By The Sea watercolor 21.5x29 $4,800
Hazy Memory of Maine Hazy Memory of Maine oil 36x48 $22,000
Introspection Introspection oil 36x48 $22,000
Lifting Sky, Running Sea Lifting Sky, Running Sea oil 30x40 $15,000
Maine Mosaic Maine Mosaic oil 30x40 $15,000
Majolica Wave Majolica Wave watercolor 21x29 $4,000
Memories of Maine #1 Memories of Maine #1 oil 18x24 $5,500
Moon Over Squirrel Moon Over Squirrel watercolor 21x29 $4,000
Moonrise Moonrise oil 40x52 $27,000
Moonrise II Moonrise II oil 24x30 $7,500
Mottled Clouds Mottled Clouds watercolor 21x29 $4,000
Mystic Sky Mystic Sky oil 24x32 $7,500
Newly Discovered Treasures Newly Discovered Treasures oil 44x44 $25,000
Ocean Point Surf Study Ocean Point Surf Study oil 18x24 $5,500
Off Capital Island Off Capital Island watercolor 21x29 $4,000
Pemaquid Surf Pemaquid Surf oil 42x60 $32,000
Rose Hip Trail Rose Hip Trail oil 18x24 $5,500
Running Sea, Southport Running Sea, Southport oil 16x20 $4,800
Sea Garden Sculpture Sea Garden Sculpture oil 42x60 $35,000
Soft Morning Study Soft Morning Study watercolor 10.25x14.25 $1,500
Sound of Sunrise Sounds of Sunrise oil 25x33 $11,000
Southport Series #14 Southport Series #14 watercolor 21x29 $4,000
Study for Juniper Point Study for Juniper Point oil 8x10 $1,800
Study for Moon Rocks Study for Maine Moon Rocks oil 12x16 $2,500
Study for Tomorrow's Treasure Study for Tomorrow's Treasure oil 18x24 $6,500
Sunday Sail Sunday Sail oil 18x24 $5,500
Surf Series #14 Surf Series #4 watercolor 21x29 $4,000
The Mary Ann The Mary Ann watercolor 21x29 $4,000
The Sketchbook The Sketchbook oil 21x29 $32,000
Tidal Concerto Tidal Concerto oil 30x30 $11,500
View from Our Cottage, Capital Island, ME View From Our Cottage, Capital Island, ME oil 24x36 $11,000
Yacht Club Race Yacht Club Race oil 24x18 $5,500
Yellow Sorbet Sky Yellow Sorbet Sky oil 44x44 $28,000

Next to Andrew Wyeth, Laurence Sisson may be the best known artist to long-time residents of Maine. His very personal interpretations of the coast remain unique and draw enthusiastic responses from art audiences across many generations. His work has been the subject of many museum exhibitions and numerous one person exhibitions across the country. He has also received many awards from important art institutions and organizations.

Sisson once observed, "I had been painting manifestations of the sea for thirty years. I hadn't run out of things to say. I still love the feeling of the tide and the moon, the pebbles on the beach, the breaking waves against the cliffs. Then, years ago, I felt it was time for fresh inspiration and excitement: for rejuvenation. I came to Santa Fe and the valley of the Rio Grande to paint for two months. I'm still here. The sea will always have a corner in my heart, but I am in love with the Southwest. I am at home with the land."

Laurence Sisson still comes to Maine in the summer, and still paints the coast of Maine.

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