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Dahlov Ipcar

We present below recent works by Dahlov Ipcar, exhibited in the gallery. Please click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

These paintings are current inventory.

Painting Title Medium Size Price
Anubis and His Court Anubis and His Court oil 40x20 $18,000
Blue Cream Cat oil 20x24 $13,000
Calico Pair oil 31x21 $16,000
Caribou and Wolves Caribou and Wolves oil 32x44 $25,000
Dalmation Sampler Congo Glade oil 22x32 $16,500
Diana Monkeys Diana Monkeys oil 23x18 $9,500
Equine Pinwheel oil 30x30 $17,500
Garden Guardians oil 18x24 $11,000
Gold and Tortoiseshell watercolor 13X18 $3,000
Harlequin Track oil


Hens in the Sun oil 22x25 $16,500
Indian Ponies Indian Ponies oil 20x36 $17,500
Ineggsplicable oil 20x24 $11,000
Kalahari Woodland Kalahari Woodland oil 24x42 $24,000
Knight at Arms oil 36x24 $17,000
La Siesta del Gatos oil 36x18 $16,500
Land of the Sun oil 24x24 $16,000
Madagascar Tree oil 36x18 $16,000
Moth Hour Moth Hour oil 16x24 $9,000
Night Pasture Night Pasture oil 22x32 $17,500
Riverside Brazil Sacred Grove oil 30x40 $24,000
Shere Khan's Domain oil 14x36 $16,000
Studio Corner Studio Corner oil 32x18 $13,000
The Chess Cat The Chess Cat oil 18x26 $6,500
The Fox is on the Town oil 20x35 $17,000
The Royal Game oil 32x32 $19,500
Three Dog Day oil 26x26 $13,000
Travellers oil 12.5x24 $9500
Undersea Scene oil 36x16 $16,000
Wild and Tame Patchwork Wild and Tame Patchwork oil 23x36 $17,000

Dahlov Ipcar's association with Frost Gully Gallery began more than thirty years ago. It has been a most rewarding and enjoyable one. It is quite amazing to realize that those thirty five years represent less than half the career of this remarkable artist.

Dahlov Ipcar anchors one of the outer boundaries of Maine's rich and varied world of the visual arts. She nourishes the notion that Maine art is not provincial, narrow or predictable. Rather it is, like her work, about our planet and the life that exists and thrives on it. Great Maine art is not so much about Maine as it is about those fundamental but sublime aspects of life which artists seem to glean out of this often harsh, and sometimes warm, region.

Of her work, Dahlov says:

"All my life I have enjoyed playing this game. To me each painting I start is a challenge and a mystery to be solved. Some artists say they want to simplify their work as much as possible: they want "to avoid problems." I feel that problems are what make it all interesting. Sometimes it is an exhausting struggle, but it is always exciting. As I work on a painting it is like a continually changing kaleidoscope of composition, color, meanings. If, in the end, I succeed in realizing my original vision, even in some small measure, that is the supreme reward."

Today, Dahlov Ipcar ranks with her mother and father among the truly great artists who have made Maine their home. She has received numerous awards and honorary degrees and her work is in major collections all over the country.

Dahlov's family maintains a web site with information about this artist and her remarkable heritage. The Gallery is honored by her presence.

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