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Tom Glover

We present below works by Tom Glover, recently exhibited in the gallery.

Painting Title Medium Size Price
2 Dollar Trap 2 Dollar Trap mixed media 9.75x6.75 $700
Bait In A Bucket Bait In A Bucket acrylic/oil 12.25x12.25 $950
Banana Study No. 3 Banana Study No. 3 oil 7.5x10 $650
Before Sea Point Before Sea Point acrylic 8x10.5 $600
Buoy Stuck in River Ice Buoy Stuck in River Ice oil 12x14 $975
Buoy Trapped In Ice Buoy Trapped In Ice acrylic/oil 24x30 $3,500
Buoys In Ice Buoys In Ice oil 36x40 $4,500
Buoys, Ice, River Buoys, Ice, River oil 30x40 $4,000
Dock in Blue Dock in Blue oil 9x8 $750
Fenway I Fenway I mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Fenway II Fenway II mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Fenway III Fenway III mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Fish and Buoys Fish and Buoys oil 40x36 $4,000
Fisherman's Glove< Fisherman's Glove oil 36x26 $3,800
Fishing Boat, Rye Harbor Fishing Boat, Rye Harbor oil 8x10 $750
Flat in Greens Flat in Greens acrylic and oil 4.75x12 $600
Fortress Fortress oil 11x8 $750
Frozen River Frozen River oil 30x40 $4,000
Gathering Sails Gathering Sails mixed media 6.25x4.25 $500
Gray Morning over Flats Gray Morning over Flats acrylic/oil 6.5x16.5 $800
>Green Monster with Purple Stripes Green Monster with Purple Stripes acrylic 36x40 $4,000
Gull Rock Gull Rock oil 11x20 $900
Gull Walk Gull Walk oil 11x14 $600
Gulls with Barrel of Bait Gulls with Barrel of Bait oil 36x40 $4,500
Ice on the Lamprey Ice on the Lamprey oil 7.25x10.25 $650
Little Bay AM Little Bay AM acrylic/oil 21x35 $3,500
Looking Back From the Shoals Looking Back From the Shoals mixed media 6.25x14 $700
Low Tide Island Edge, Deer Isle Low Tide Island Edge, Deer Isle oil 7x22 $800
Muddy Weir Muddy Weir oil 30x21 $2,800
Night Heron Night Heron acrylic/oil 9.75x7.5 $650
Pair of Steaks Pair of Steaks oil 12x12 $950
Peak Island Peak Island oil 7.5x10.25 $650
River Turmoil, Winter River Turmoil, Winter oil 40x36 $4,500
Rocks Leading To The Sea Rocks Leading To The Sea mixed media 24x30 $3,400
Sasha off the Point Sasha off the Point acrylic 11.75x7.5 $700
Screen Trap Screen Trap mixed media 7.75x9.75 $650
Sea and Rocks Sea and Rocks oil 14x18 $1,500
Sea Horizon #1 Sea Horizon #1 acrylic/oil 7x11.5 $750
Sea Horizon #2 Sea Horizon #2 acrylic/oil 7x11.5 $750
Seashore Seashore mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Seaside I Seaside I mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Seaside II Seaside II mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Seaside III Seaside III mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Seaside IV Seaside IV mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Seaside V Seaside V mixed media 6.5x6.5 $550
Shore After Storm Shore After Storm oil 22x32 $3,200
Something at Sea Something at Sea acrylic 9.75x9.5 $700
Still Life with Seal Skull Still Life with Seal Skull oil 30x40 $4,000
Strike with Theme Strike with Theme oil 17.5x15 $1,200
Sunlight on the Islands Sunlight on the Islands acrylic and oil 7x11 $650
Theme with Blue Theme with Blue mixed media 6.25x6 $250
Theme with Rips Theme with Rips mixed media 8.25x11.25 $700
Theme: Night Theme: Night mixed media 7x10 $375
Three Arrogances Three Arrogances mixed media 5.5x7.5 $250
Three Spring Trap Three Spring Trap acrylic/oil 11x8 $700
Tidal Pool Gullies Tidal Pool Gullies acrylic and oil 5.75x8 $550
Tide Pool, Great Bay Tide Pool, Great Bay acrylic and oil 5.25x7 $500
Trap Sprung in Spring Trap Sprung in Spring acrylic/oil 11x7.5 $750
Trap Study I Trap Study I mixed media 4.5x5.5 $250
Trap Study II Trap Study II mixed media 4.75x4.75 $250
Trawler in River Trawler in River oil 30x40 $4,000
Walk Along rocks at Low Tide Walk Along rocks at Low Tide oil 36x40 $3,200
Warm Sails Warm Sails oil 48x36 $5,500
White Trap No. 2 White Trap No. 2 oil 8.5x7.5 $600
Winter Trap - Snare Winter Trap - Snare oil 10.5x7.5 $650
Winter Trap with Hint of Spring Winter Trap with Hint of Spring acrylic 10.75x7.75 $750

Born 1960

Tom Glover lives on the border of New Hampshire and Maine. He has traveled far and wide, from independent study in Europe, to research in Costa Rica’s rain forest. He says:” As I am concentrating on putting paint on a canvas, I also want to be aware of injecting the painting with that character that I sense while observing the rhythms of the ocean, sunlight, birds, fish and people who live, work, and die by the edge of the sea.”

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